About Essence de Provence by Lavender Retreat

Jaime Bohl


A message from Jaime Bohl, Lavender Retreat Founder/CEO

Welcome to Lavender Retreat, the new home of Essence de Provence.

I first discovered Essence de Provence product several years ago at Eastern Market. I regularly purchased its wonderful lavender products for myself and my first Lavender Retreat location in Virginia.

When I was building my second Lavender Retreat location on Capitol Hill, I contracted Essence de Provence to supply its Lavender products for both our locations.

A clear synergy between Lavender Retreat’s vision, mission and goals and Essence de Provence’s of Lavender products line soon became obvious. Thus the next logical step for Lavender Retreat, having Lavender products helps Lavender Retreat clients to feel relaxed and refreshed in their daily life style.  So Lavender Retreat acquired Essence de Provence.

Lavender Retreat is so happy to continue to serve Essence de Provence’s, current clientele of Lavender product as well as Lavender Retreat’s clients.  We want to provide the best possible wellness experience for all.  At Lavender Retreat we want Lavender products to help clients to benefit from how important using Lavender is on daily basis, such as people who experience sleep difficulties, bug bites, skin irritations, headaches, anxiety, etc.   Lavender essential oil is a valuable tool to include in any family’s First Aid-Kit.   When used in conjunction with Lavender Retreat’s holistic therapies , this combines the total integration of a holistic life style which is the philosophy of Lavender Retreat.

I grew up in South Korea and operated an international business. Working internationally, I gained multi-cultural experience and the importance of how to maintain good health in order to live a balanced lifestyle. I would like to make Lavender Retreat a world-class organization recognized for alternative health. I want to share the power of health by living a lifestyle understanding what wellness is and how it feels when achieving and maintaining it.  Lavender Retreat offers clients experiences not just services by creating endless possibilities for alternative lifestyles. Our goal at Lavender Retreat is to provide personalized treatment and create an experience that de-stresses your mind and refreshes your body. My wish is that you feel relaxed, restored, and at your personal best.

Welcome to Lavender Retreat.

Jaime Bohl